Sally's Catering in Olongapo City


1. Visit our ordering website by clicking the button above
2. Choose the catering packages and menu items that are suitable to your event
3. Select your preferred payment gateway
4. Our delivery agent partner will bring you a copy of the Service Agreement to review and sign
5. Return the signed Service Agreement to the delivery agent
6. We will send you a payment request of the non-refundable 50% deposit via your preferred payment gateway
7. Gastrograb will deliver the food to your doorstep on your scheduled date and time
8. Pay the 50% balance to the delivery agent (cash or GCash)
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Sally’s Catering in Olongapo City have been providing exclusive catering services for The Event Central’s staffs and vendors since 2017.

On December 2020, we decided to extend our catering services to everyone and provide home cooked Filipino foods for your events. We at Sally’s Catering in Olongapo City are focused on our goals, which are to provide affordable and delicious meals and to be a part of every Olongapenos’ celebrations.